Published in May 2017

Video: President Trump's Budget Cuts to Food Stamps and Medicaid are bad for African Americans

The “Trump budget will slash Medicaid, food stamps programs: reports” - President Trump’s first major budget proposal will include sweeping cuts to Medicaid, federal pensions and food stamps, according to new reports. The Washington Post reports that Trump’s budget will include $800 billion in Medicaid cuts over the next 10 years, which would cause 10 million low-income people to lose health benefits… Trump’s budget reportedly includes a massive $193 billion cut to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly referred to as food stamps, over the next 10 years, slashing its budget by more than 25 percent.

By Attorney Antonio Moore and Political Commentator Yvette Carnell discuss the Medicaid and Food Stamp cuts proposed by President Donald Trump. They also detail why it is important for African Americans to be aware of any and all changes to the programs.