Published in May 2017

Video: Saying there are more White People on Food Stamps than Blacks Does Not Tell The Story

Attorney Antonio Moore details why dealing with the massive number of African Americans on Food Stamps, and in need of Medicaid is not resolved by looking at the raw number of White Americans using the same government assistance. Moore stated, “The fact there are 22 million whites on food stamps and like 10 million blacks does not tell the full story. There are 190 million white people, and they are highly class stratified. There are only 40 Million blacks, we're talking one in four in need of the aid, and their struggles affect all blacks because we are not class stratified. What this means is the cuts will affect nearly all blacks, because we have family closely related and tied to us in these programs if we aren’t ourselves receiving aid. White America has about 40 percent of their population with no extended familial tie to Medicaid or food stamps, and another 20 percent with mixed ties to Medicaid and food stamps.”

By Attorney Antonio Moore